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Starlight Programs go beyond just bringing moments of fun to seriously ill kids. They offer a sense of comfort during life’s most difficult moments, including ensuring that kids and their families have a safe, relaxing place to process those moments together in Starlight Spaces.

The staff at Cleveland Clinic Children's know how important this safe space is for families supporting a sick child.

“[Our patients] often meet with large, multi-disciplinary care teams to learn and process private information about their child,” they shared. “Having more dedicated settings for these meetings was needed.”

So, when a 600-square-foot room became available at the hospital, they requested support in refurbishing the room to become a Starlight Space that could serve as a comfortable meeting place dedicated to these necessary conversations.

With the generous support and grant funding from Starlight Children's Foundation and Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation, we were able to create a new private family space where families can meet with their care teams, have private conversations, and process news.

This new and improved meeting room has been transformed to an open space with comfortable seating, presentation resources, and colorful art pieces! In addition to being a valuable addition when it comes to private patient meetings, this Starlight Space also serves as a quiet place for families to go when they need some quiet time between their difficult moments.

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“In the brief time the room has been open, families have shared how helpful it's been to have a place to plug in their laptops/phones for a recharge and to lay down for a few minutes to re-energize.”

Each Starlight Program — Gaming, Hospital Gowns, Education, and more — supports a child’s hospital journey in its own unique way. When children and families are facing significant emotional burden, the simple comfort of privacy, peace, and quiet of a Starlight Space goes a long way.

“We are so grateful to have the support of our wonderful partners to help us make this dream a reality.”

Ensure that the families who need it the most always have the support and comfort they need to navigate through their child’s hospitalization.

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