Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas

We were blown away by everyone’s creativity during Stream For Starlight! From Twitch to Instagram to Facebook Live, there are so many ways to fundraise for a great cause from home.

We were so inspired by our streamers that we rounded up a few of our favorite ways to virtually fundraise. Take a peek:

  1. Calling All Gamers
    Are you an avid gamer? Use your love of gaming and raise money for Starlight on Twitch or the platform of your choice.

  2. Sing Your Heart Out
    Hold a virtual concert and rock out from the comfort of your bedroom! You can play covers and original songs, and chat with your audience while you spread awareness for Starlight.

  3. Break A Sweat
    Roll out your yoga mat, pick up your weights, or get ready to jazzercise—it's time to work out! Get those endorphins flowing by holding a virtual exercise class for your friends and family, who can donate to Starlight for admission.

  4. Meaningful Make-Up
    If you have so many make-up pallets you don’t know where to start, let your audience choose what you put on—from eyeshadow to unlimited blush. Hold this fundraiser while streaming on the platform of your choice so viewers can see their donation in real-time. Once it’s over, you’ll be beautiful inside and out.

  5. Virtual Happy Hour
    Are you a master bartender? Show your audience how it’s done. Send out your recipe list, set up a Zoom, and have participants donate to Starlight as payment. Cheers!

  6. Expert Advice
    If people always come to you for advice on a certain subject, share your knowledge with the world! From making the best smoothies to teaching your cat to fetch, give advice to your audience while sharing Starlight’s mission.

  7. Tarot Card Reading
    If tarot cards are up your alley, offer virtual readings with a donation to Starlight as payment. Connect to the universe and share your talent with others while helping us deliver happiness!

  8. Show Off Your Skills
    Is graphic design your passion? Are you a wizard in the kitchen? Host an online class sharing your unique skills! Whether it’s baking brownies, needlepoint, or clay sculpting, teach others how it’s done while supporting a worthy cause. With so much to share, the sky’s the limit!

  9. Get Others Involved
    If you're camera shy, that’s okay! Enlist friends or family to stream with you. You can battle each other in video games, host a concert together, and so much more while supporting Starlight.

What are you waiting for? Every $10 you raise helps ten hospitalized kids access Starlight programs including Starlight Virtual Reality, Hospital Wear, and Gaming.

Create your fundraising page to get started!

If you need help or want to run an idea by us, you can reach us at

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