Delivering a Festive Fall to Hospitalized Kids

Every October, kids across the country look forward to trick-or-treating, fall festivals, and so much more – but not all kids get to experience this Halloween fun. Tens of thousands of kids will be stuck in a hospital room as they are battling illnesses, receiving treatment for injuries, or dealing with other medical procedures.  

Times like these can cause the wonder of childhood to feel so out of reach. That’s why Starlight is dedicated to delivering Deliveries and Hospital Gowns to give kids a unique opportunity to participate in Halloween, even if they can’t leave the hospital.  

Simple things like picking out a Halloween costume aren’t an option for many hospitalized kids, but Starlight Gowns can provide a solution. They give kids the opportunity to pick a gown featuring their favorite movie or television character or favorite animal to create their own costume that is still comfortable in a hospital bed while providing access to ports and IVs.

Fall Festivities 1

Starlight Deliveries provide children’s healthcare facilities access to toys, books, arts & crafts, and more, which can help them plan Halloween-inspired activities for their pediatric patients. Some hospitals can set up a “trick-or-treat” station throughout their pediatric floor while others can host Fall-themed crafts in their playrooms.

Fall Festivities 2

Creating moments of normalcy offers kids the space to just feel like a kid, regardless of their illness. This is so important in a child’s healing process as it supports a child’s mental well-being, which can directly impact their physical health; happy kids really do heal faster.

Help us give sick kids a new way to celebrate Halloween in the hospital.
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