Five Holiday Gift Ideas for Hospitalized Kids

Like a child you may know, there are hundreds of kids across the country who will have to spend their holidays at the hospital. A gift can give a child the happiness they need to persevere. 

Fears of missing family traditions and limited visitation access due to infection control rules often lead to increased feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

But the gifts that bring play and comfort to a hospitalized kid can make all the difference in their emotional well-being. Play helps children process their emotions and develop resilience. Comforting experiences help replace children’s anxiety and stress with a sense of relief and emotional ease.  

Since not all gifts will meet hospital infection rules, consider giving these five hospital-approved gifts to make a kid’s hospital stay more comfortable!

Gifts for Children

1. Toy Deliveries - $25 donation to help fund one pallet of toys

For three-year-old Danika, her leukemia means she stays at the hospital often to undergo many procedures. Frequently staying in the hospital, Danika often feels lonely not having kids her own age around her, but Starlight Toy Deliveries such as a coloring book gave her joy and comfort.   

For kids like Danika, toys, books, and art & crafts gives them a sense of relief by bringing them closer to what is familiar and reconnecting them to their home life. Playing with toys also gives kids an outlet for their emotions, replacing feelings of loneliness with happiness!

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2. Hospital Gowns - $40 donation to fund one hospital gown 

Due to his medical complexities, six-year-old Jules frequently stays at the hospital for procedures, tests, and most recently, a transplant surgery. Jules is usually anxious and upset when stays at the hospital, but wearing Starlight Hospital Gowns makes him joyful and excited. 

Jules enjoys wearing his Starlight Hospital Gowns because they are softer and provide more coverage. For kids like Jules, the gowns help replace anxiety with comfort by creating greater privacy.

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3. Hero Wagons - $200 donation to fund one hero wagon

Diagnosed with brain cancer, four-year-old Teddy needed to visit the hospital repeatedly for radiation treatment. He usually felt scared during each visit, but riding in the Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagon eased his fears by making the hospital more familiar, giving him feelings of safety and security.  

Teddy went on adventures in his wagon, exploring and roaming around the hospital setting. The hero wagon also offers hospitalized kids like Teddy chances to socialize with hospital staff as they ride by, reducing feelings of isolation. 

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Gifts for Older Kids & Teens

4. Gaming Station & Handheld - $1,600 donation to fund one gaming handheld, $5,000 donation to fund one gaming station

Jacob’s pneumonia and shortness of breath caused by hypoxia leads to stays at the hospital. Staying in an unfamiliar environment can cause fear and anxiety, but playing on the Starlight Gaming Station helps Jacob feel secure doing something he would normally do at home. 

Play through interactive video games helps kids like Jacob process their emotions in the hospital setting and feel more positive about what is happening before and after a procedure. 


5. Virtual Reality Headset - $1,800 donation to fund one VR headset

Peyton, a strong thirteen-year-old with muscular dystrophy, is regularly at the hospital for procedures, tests, and has even been through 22 surgeries. Peyton often needs to take medication to change her clothes because of how painful it is for her. But the Starlight Virtual Reality headset immerses Peyton in multiple interactive experiences and games, distracting her from pain, so much so that she does not need to use any medication! 

By engaging kids through play, Starlight Virtual Reality redirects them from feelings of loneliness, sadness, or pain to feelings of fun and excitement.


Make the holidays brighter by giving kids comfort and play. 

Your generous donation will give happiness to thousands of hospitalized kids across the country. Every dollar counts towards giving the holiday gifts of comfort and cheer to children when they need it most.

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