Happy Birthday to Dave Koz

Dave Koz, Starlight ambassador and Grammy nominated saxophonist, has been delivering happiness to seriously ill kids for over 25 years with Starlight: with over one million dollars raised and counting, he has placed Starlight Gowns (he even designed his own!), Gaming Stations and VR headsets across the country to ensure that hospitalized kids have the best experience possible. He’s given so many smiles through the years – thank you, Dave! 

And all along the way, his fans have been there for Starlight and the kids we serve, too. Whether on the Dave Koz Cruise or at shows along his beloved holiday tour, they step up to make sure that all hospitalized kids have access to Starlight programs. 

Delivering Happiness at Hospitals

Dave shares his art with everyone who needs the hope and power of music, including kids in the hospital. One special patient, Austen, even got to play a duet with Dave when they met while Austen was being treated for leukemia. It’s these experiences that give kids and families hope when so much else seems to be going wrong. 

Dave Koz at hospital event
Dave Koz serenading little girl
Dave Koz playing sax for hospitalized kids

Dave Koz Cruise

Dave Koz & Friends at Sea is truly an exceptional event. Jazz fans from around the world come together to celebrate life and music, and one of the features is the auction that benefits Starlight. 2019 set a record, with over $200,000 raised to deliver VR headsets to hospitalized kids across the country. Cheers to that! 

Dave Koz on his cruise
Auction items from Dave Koz's cruise

Supporting Starlight Programs

Dave has supported all of Starlight’s signature programs over the years, and has delivered 30 Gaming Stations, 100 VR headsets and 3,000 Starlight Gowns just in the past three years. The really special part? The Starlight Gowns featured a custom Dave Koz-inspired saxophone design, thrilling music-loving patients across the country! 

Dave Koz supporting Starlight hospital gowns
Dave Koz supporting Starlight gaming
Dave Koz supporting Starlight VR

Today, we want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANK YOU, Dave! You and your fans are a tremendous source of good in this world, for seriously ill kids and their families, and everyone lucky enough to be touched by your music and joyous spirit. 

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