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How Does Starlight Impact a Child’s Mental Health?

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we are highlighting how Starlight’s programs are created with children’s mental well-being top of mind because we know that happy kids heal faster.

Innovative and inspiring programs like Starlight Virtual Reality, Starlight Hospital Wear, and Starlight Gaming bring the very best in gaming, play, and other fun experiences to our hospital partners’ youngest patients. Regardless of the sophistication of the illness or injury, a sick kid is still a kid and Starlight’s programs bring normalcy and comfort to kids when they need it most.

“Starlight goes above and beyond to meet the needs of kids and families. Each child is left to feel like the center of attention with the use of the programs. They forget they are in a hospital and instead feel catered to and spoiled.”
—Dorinda Hock, Director of Maternal Child Health, Anaheim Global Medical Center

Hospital visits can be filled with stress and anxiety, which can be extremely hard on a child’s mental health. That’s where Starlight programs come in.

We know that when a child has to change out of their own clothes into a hospital gown can be one of the highest stress moments in a child’s hospital journey, which is why we created Starlight Hospital Gowns. Starlight Gowns give kids an opportunity to pick a gown that is softer, colorful, and more fun than a traditional hospital gown.

“Starlight gown gives an inspiration to Kyrell and our family. It not only gives an impression and feeling of ‘being home,’but it gives an impression of ‘being normal.’ Normal is a simple word in definition, but to us, it's defines hope, and hope gives you the strength to continue fighting.”
—Lovely, Starlight Kid Kyrell’s Mom

Starlight VR gives hospitalized children the ability to “escape” from their hospital room and explore space, other parts of the world, and so much more to help kids relax and have a bit of fun.

Plus, Starlight Gaming provides hours of distraction for kids when they have to spend an extended period of time inside a hospital room, which gives them a chance to have a sense of normalcy and just be a kid.

“The Starlight gaming stations are an incredible and unique tool that helps turn a sick or injured child’s pain, fear and stress into smiles and, we are thrilled and thankful to Starlight Children’s Foundation for this generous gift.”
—Dr. Anthony Scaduto, Orthopedic Institute for Children

While mental health awareness is the focus of May, Starlight works year-round to provide these programs to hospitals across the country to support a child’s mental well-being during their hospital stay.

You can further our impact by donating today and help us supply even more programs to hospitalized kids across the US.

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