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Virtual Reality

Redirects focus and encourages kids to relax

During a child's hospital stay, they may undergo difficult and painful procedures.

Starlight Virtual Reality exists to help distract kids during treatments and as a resource to reduce stress and anxiety. Starlight VR is a technology program that can help hospitalized kids engage multiple senses, providing a more pleasant experience.

"In certain circumstances, Virtual Reality can be used in place of general anesthesia to help tolerate pain, and in fact, it is having a profound impact on the quality of our hospitalized children’s experiences. We are seeing children who used to require general anesthesia during certain procedures, now able to be fully awake with minimal medications."

– Joe Albietz, MD, Medical Director of Child Life, Children’s Hospital Colorado

You can empower hospitalized kids with Starlight Virtual Reality.
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Starlight VR with Penumbra's REAL i-Series offers immersive, closed-environment experiences and activities for patients of all ages. The headset is infection-control friendly, content friendly and offers hands-free, gaze control or voice command options for pediatric patients.

What makes Starlight Virtual Reality special?

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The Impact of VR

  1. Procedural Support Icon

    Procedural Support

    Being immersed in a virtual experience decreases anxiety and stress, making medical procedures less challenging for patients and clinicians.

  2. Pain Management Icon

    Pain Management

    Usage can help manage pain and distress associated with a variety of medical procedures by encouraging patients to relax and breathe through the discomfort.

  3. Physical Therapy Icon

    Physical Therapy

    Games can provide an opportunity to practice motions that can lead to reports of lower pain levels and an increased range of motion.

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