Meet Emma G: Singer, Songwriter, and Streamer

This September, Starlight is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by hosting the second annual Stream For Starlight (S4S) campaign—a month-long virtual fundraiser that invites businesses, influencers, gamers, and individuals to stream content and raise money to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids.  

Emma G is a singer, songwriter, and musician who is saving the world one song at a time. For her, Starlight’s mission is personal. Emma G was just four months old; she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had her first of 24 surgeries.

Hydrocephalus is a rare condition that causes fluid to build up in the brain. Emma G had a cyst blocking her spinal column, so fluid couldn’t drain out of her brain and into her spinal cord. This extra fluid put pressure on her brain and, if unchecked, could have led to her death.

She’s had 24 surgeries, including ten brain surgeries, throughout her life, so she knows too well how scary hospitals can be for kids.

“Hospitals do a great job of saving lives. But, when you’re young, they can be scary, boring, lonely, and miserable places to be - especially when all of your friends are outside leading ‘normal’ lives,” said Emma G. “It’s incredibly important for hospitalized kids to be entertained, supported emotionally, socially, and intellectually, and guided through their medical journeys.”

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When she heard about S4S, Emma G jumped at the chance to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids! It was a perfect opportunity to support a cause she’s passionate about while sharing her music. Emma G’s ultimate hope is that one of her songs will resonate with someone else, helping them to understand their own experiences.

I want to do something to give strength, hope, love, and positive energy to those who are struggling. I’d encourage everyone to get involved and help these kids, whether it’s by donating money or getting involved somewhere.

- Emma G

Emma G shared love and positivity during her September 5 stream, performing covers and original songs. She raised over $60 to help us deliver happiness to seriously ill kids throughout the US!

To join Emma G and countless other streamers in making a difference this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, stream, watch, or donate throughout September.   
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