Spring Stream Bloomed into Joy for Streamers and Kids Alike

Spring Stream bloomed and blossomed!  

176 content creators went live to stream for kids. Thanks to the generosity of the Stream for Starlight Community and their donations, an overwhelming $178,205.98 was fundraised!  

The donations funded 111 Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming Handhelds that will give kids positive distraction to have fun, feel better and manage pain during hospitalization. 

Check out the top charity streamers from the campaign:

Top 3 Streamers

  1. thejang - $24,405.25

  2. NinePointFive - $12,154.6

  3. Amish_Ace - $11,111.69 

Top 3 Stream Teams

  1. Stream Stars - $97,973.31 

  2. GoodCauseCrusaders - $12,093.88 

  3. Rise Above Team - $3,771.00 

50K to Mario Day

Streamers began Spring Stream with impressive momentum. Streamers had a considerable goal to fundraise $50,000 by March 10th, also known as Mario Day (MAR10 Day).  

In addition to streamers dancing, gaming and more, Starlight hosted a Valorant game between Starlight staff members and Team PB, the 2023 United by Play champions and 2024 runner ups.  

With all their creative fundraising ideas, streamers met and exceeded the goal, raising $70,000 by MAR10 Day!  

Stars Aligning: Starlight’s Mission and Streamers’ Values

Starlight’s mission is to deliver happiness to hospitalized kids and their families. When kids receive the fun and joy of a Starlight program, stress and anxiety dissipate, and they more confidently endure treatments and procedures.  

Streamers choose to stream for Starlight because of this mission. 

They deeply understand a Starlight program’s transformative power to make a positive impact on the life of a child in need, many times from their own experience. Starlight’s mission aligns with their values, their communities’ values, and their aspirations to make a difference in the world.

Budding Communities and Relationships

Not only does streaming for Starlight unite streamers’ communities, but it also helps build new ones.  

You bond with like-minded creators working towards the same goal and are supported by a community that is cheering you on every step of the way.

Sprouting Silliness and Smiles!

Streamers and their communities also know how to have boundless fun. There's endless laughter when creators commit to silly and creative fundraising ideas like shaving one’s hair or getting pied in the face.

There are shouts of joy and accomplishment when fundraising goals are met and even exceeded!

Spring Stream Highlight Reel

When hospitalized kids grasp the black controller of the Starlight Gaming Station and play their favorite video game, their experience suddenly changes. Stress and anxiety go away, and kids instead feel comfort, strength, and courage. 

Starlight is honored to partner with content creators who use their creativity and passion to make this impact in the lives of hospitalized kids. 

Thank you for all the smiles you’ve created by streaming for kids this spring, and here’s to many more! 

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