Spring Stream Blooms

Starlight’s Spring Stream officially raised (drum roll please) $201,148! WOW. Thank you to the 250 broadcasters and communities who made this possible!  

Because of your support, we’ll be delivering 102 Starlight Nintendo Switch Handhelds to hospitals across the US.  Over half of those will go to medically underserved hospitals, which care for children in high poverty areas and/or have limited resources. That’s truly something to celebrate! 

There were hundreds of streams supporting Starlight, including a few hosted by Nintendo Ambassadors and our very first class of Starlight Stream Ambassadors. The Starlight Ambassadors joined a fun community night on StarlightUS and played Human: Fall Flat, causing chaos and fundraising $9,746 throughout the month.  

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Plus, we were able to reward some incredible streamers with prizing from our generous sponsors! Thank you to Nintendo for providing our top fundraisers with entertaining prizes and Razer for providing the coolest gear for us to give away.  

Check out the videos below for some of our favorite Mario-ies from March! 

Top Team Fundraiser: Wild Abandon $35,297

Canadian_Dragon raises $1,000 in their first hour of streaming. Team Wild Abandon will continue to raise over $35,000 throughout March.

Top Individual Fundraiser: LackAttack $8,250

LackAttack thanks his donors at the end of his third day of streaming.

More March Madness

Stream Ambassadors NachoPandaa and zja2damax may be blindfolded as an incentive, but they still found their way to each other’s arms during Human: Fall Flat.

Captain Starlight swoops in from outer space to help yCarli2 reach her second stretch goal.

Jayleegamesss shares why Starlight Gaming is especially close to her heart.

Thank you once again for joining us. We’ll see you for Camp Starlight!
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