Starlight Kid Grace Gets Vaccinated

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives, we understand the important role that vaccines play in protecting us and our loved ones – especially those with weakened immune systems, like so many of our Starlight kids. That’s why we are excited to see that after thorough studies and review of safety and efficacy, the FDA has authorized vaccines for ages 5 and older.   

While some parents have anxiously waited for vaccine approval for their child’s age group, we understand that others are still trying to decide what is best for their child. If you have questions about the Covid-19 vaccine, Starlight has pulled together a variety of resources that may provide helpful information as you make your decision.

Starlight Kid Grace is an outgoing nine-year-old battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which increases the risk of getting severe Covid due to her weakened immune system. When vaccines were approved for her age group, her mom wanted to ensure that she did what was best for her child – which is why she wanted to talk to Grace’s doctor.  

"I was nervous at first to let her get the vaccine, but we asked the doctor and her doctor said "I don't recommend it, I demand it for Grace." – Rachel, Grace's mom  

Starlight Kid Grace Gets Vaccinated

Grace’s doctor at DHR Health in Edinburg knew the risk of a Covid-19 infection for Grace and wanted to do everything possible to help protect her – in this case, it meant getting vaccinated. Grace ended up being the very first child at the hospital to get a vaccine! 

Grace is still going through treatment, which means that she continues to be cautious and limit the time she spends around other people. But now, her family has peace of mind knowing that the vaccine will help protect her against a Covid infection. 

While you may not have a child or family member that is immunocompromised, you can still help protect these vulnerable populations by getting vaccinated.

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