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Virtual reality can take users to a whole new world, literally! For hospitalized kids stuck in their room, sometimes unable to visit playrooms or walk down the hall, Starlight Virtual Reality allows them to meditate in an alpine meadow, play carnival-themed games, or even explore Mars.

But our VR goes beyond fun! Being immersed in our virtual environment supports hospitalized kids at a stressful time when they need it most. Starlight VR helps normalize and create a more positive hospital environment by providing pain management, emotional and procedural support, and so much more.

“Pediatric patients struggling with mental health issues are challenged to find ways to fill their day while hospitalized on our unit. Boredom leads to outbursts, destructive behavior, and increased anxiety,” said Kathy, a nurse at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett. “I cared for one boy hospitalized over a week. After playing Bait! together on Starlight VR, he was laughing so hard because I kept walking into the ‘water’ and getting hit by fish.”

Starlight VR is primarily used with patients like Kathy’s, but patients’ siblings and even hospital staff can also use it to relax and destress. Hospital staff found Starlight VR especially valuable to take a mental health break at work during the coronavirus pandemic, using one of our relaxation apps.

Each headset comes preloaded with over 15 games, ranging from passive expeditions to engaging, educational puzzles. With so many games to choose from, our hospital partners shared their favorites:

  • Pebbles the Penguin
    Patients with limited mobility can become a penguin sliding down the mountain, controlling their trajectory with just their heads!

  • Bait!
    When a patient is bored in a hospital room, Bait! transports them to a beautiful island, where they can make friends with the locals and take as many calming fishing breaks as they like. It’s a perfect world to get lost in.

  • Space Pups
    From bed, patients can comfortably break out their dancing shoes and control an astronaut space puppy, collecting delicious treats to the beat of the music using their heads not their feet!

  • Ocean Rift
    Patients can live out their undersea dreams, swimming with sea life, exploring shipwrecked lagoons, and visiting Atlantis, all from the comfort of their room.

Starlight VR is the first general use VR program for hospitals that includes a customized, thoroughly wipeable, and wireless hospital-ready headset. It offers custom content that allows patients with limited mobility to sit up or lay down and control their experience using a remote or only their head.

Just $10 can provide 10 hours of virtual reality for a seriously ill child. Deliver happiness with VR today.
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