The Importance of Starlight Deliveries

At any stage of life, hospitalization creates a significant disruption. The discomfort and sudden change of routine that occurs can be jarring — for kids, it’s even more challenging.   

Starlight is dedicated to supporting sick kids through this disruption by providing moments of comfort and normalcy. While we do this through all of our programs, Starlight Deliveries bring a special kind of joy, especially during the holiday season. 

We know that happy kids heal faster, and deliveries of toys, books, crafts, and games can help reduce feelings of fear and loneliness while they are being treated in a hospital, as Margie Dolinski, Executive Director at LAC+USC Medical Center explained.

“Bringing happiness to our pediatric patients through comfort gifts often reduces their fear of being in a medical environment and helps them be more receptive to necessary medical treatment,” said Margie. 

An unexpected gift brings the comfort of home directly to a child’s hospital room at a time when everything from their “normal life” seems far away. By providing giftable items to hospitals for free, healthcare professionals can focus on providing even more activities and toys to their pediatric patients, helping the hospital feel more like home. 

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With the help of generous donors just like you, you can bring the joy of childhood directly to hospitalized kids. You can ensure that they experience the powerful impact of receiving a new toy or stuffed animal — this is so important during the holidays when many children are forced to miss out on holiday traditions, family gatherings, and so much more.

Being in the hospital can sometimes be difficult for kids and families, especially around the holidays. The toys will be great to use for BINGO prizes and gifts for patients throughout the year. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated.

- Pat Kirkland, Manager of Family Support Services at Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Deliver holiday magic and happiness to sick kids now.

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