What Starlight Is Thankful For

Throughout the year, we turn to communities across the country to help us reach even more hospitalized kids with moments of happiness. We are so grateful for the ongoing support of individuals, partners, and groups who believe passionately in our mission and ensure Starlight can deliver millions of smiles each year.  

Starlight’s incredible corporate partners allow us to create gowns with kids’ favorite characters, deliver much-needed toys and books to our hospital partners, and provide hours of entertainment for hospitalized kids and their families through Starlight Gaming Stations.

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Sick kids experience new challenges every day, but supporters like you give their families confidence so that no matter what their child is facing or when they must go to the hospital, their favorite Starlight program will always be there to comfort them.

Thanks to the generous support of longtime donors like Tom Segura and Sheri Sobrato, our amazing monthly givers, and all the inspiring folks who choose to invest in our mission, we know that we can continue to reach the seriously ill children and hospitals who need us most.

Passionate fan groups like the 501st Legion and the LA Ghostbusters take their support even further by raising funds and awareness, and visiting kids in local hospitals to create immersive experiences with their favorite fandoms!

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Comedian Tom Segura receives Starlight's 2021 Golden Heart Award during a hospital visit at Dell Children's Medical Center.
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A few Los Angeles Ghostbusters celebrating their one year anniversary with Starlight Kid Patrick.

We are also grateful for the passionate supporters in our Stream For Starlight community! Broadcasters from Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming show their support year-round, rallying their communities to creatively raise funds and awareness for our mission. These streamers donate hours of their time streaming games, cooking, arts & crafts, and so much more while leveraging incentives and milestone celebrations to inspire their communities to give generously.

Every day, we are reminded of how lucky we are to be supported by such incredible individuals and groups that allow us to fulfill our mission of delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families.

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