Why Stream for Starlight? For the Kids!

“For the kiddos”,Another one for the kids”, and “With love for the kids” are just a few comments donors leave during Stream For Starlight (S4S).

We saw these phrases so much that we’re sensing a pattern: Why do streamers support Starlight? For the kids!

Starlight has been delivering happiness to seriously ill kids and their families since 1982, and streamers have been supporting us since 2019! Last year, with their help, we brought smiles to 1.5 million kids across the US. This year, we’re trying to double that.

Every 60 seconds a child needs medical care. Knowing this, Starlight works hard to ensure each donation has a maximum impact for hospitalized kids. Just $10 can deliver happiness to 10 children through our innovative programs:

  • Starlight Gaming provides kids with hours of fun and distraction playing Nintendo video games by themselves, with siblings, or with other patients.

  • Starlight Virtual Reality comes pre-loaded with 20+ curated games, apps, and other experiences to help distract kids during difficult medical procedures or to help them relax, laugh, and just have fun.

  • Starlight Gowns replace uncomfortable and embarrassing hospital gowns with ones that are high-quality, comfortable, and brightly colored. Best of all, kids love them!

  • Starlight Deliveries sends hundreds of thousands of books, toys, games, arts & crafts, and other items directly to seriously ill kids.

  • Starlight Spaces transforms health care environments by providing an update, partial renovation, or a total overhaul to an existing space. Here, pediatric patients and their families can relax and enjoy their time together.

Participating in S4S is an awesome experience, but don’t just take it from us. Hear directly from streamers on why they support Starlight!

Tabetai cooking may be a food & drink streamer, but he knows what difference video games can make for hospitalized kids.

Quiltoni truly understands how Starlight programs can change the hospital experience.

Minnesota_Toz shares why he’s worked with Starlight for three years straight!

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