Underserved Communities Hero 2021

Our Work in Underserved Communities

Delivering happiness to all seriously ill kids

In 2020, Starlight launched our Commitment for Change, an equity, diversity, and inclusion initiative to focus on delivering Starlight programs to more medically underserved and vulnerable populations.

It is our priority to better distribute our programs so communities who need them the most have equal access.

How Are We Making an Impact

  • 47.2% of the patient population positively impacted by Starlight programs identify as non-white

  • 62% of the medical facilities receiving Starlight programs are serving high poverty populations

  • 38.2% of the patients Starlight serves benefit from Medicare/Medicaid services

  • 17.9% of our Hospital Partners are LGBTQ Equality Leaders

Starlight has transformed our community hospital into a fun sanctuary for our pediatric patients.

- Leticia Clegg, CCLS at McKay–Dee Hospita

Moving Forward

  • We are continuing to work with our network of hospital partners across the country to identify how we can better design and distribute our programs to serve Black families.

  • We will prioritize our efforts to serve more Black and underserved families with seriously ill children.

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    Working Together to Better Serve Black Families

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    Talking to Kids About Racism

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