Hero Wagons
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Hero Wagons

Delivering the wonder and magic of childhood to hospitalized kids

Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagons provide a source of comfort and a sense of normalcy to hospitalized kids during some of their most difficult times. The moment a child must be placed into a wheelchair can be scary and cause fear that something bad is going on - that is when our Hero Wagons come in.

They transform the patient experience with a more magical way to move around the hospital.

Designed for Starlight by Radio Flyer, the Hero Wagon has an IV pole attachment, making it easier for all patients to enjoy a wagon ride. Plus, each wagon features seat belts for safety, smooth surfaces, and durable fabric that is easily sanitized by hospital staff between each use.

Radio Flyer Hero Wagon Features

Doctors, nurses, child life specialists and caregivers across the US rely on these wagons every day as an integral part of a child's pediatric care.

"The Radio Flyer Wagon was a significant factor in Karter’s long hospital stays. He was so young and unable to communicate well, on top of having major speech delays, the one thing he could always say was “Red Go!” And that meant he wanted to take a lap in the wagon through the oncology floor."

- Starlight Kid Karter's mom, Krista

Hero Wagon and Child Life
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Our Impact

Starlight Radio Flyer Wagons distributed to hospitals across the country and played an integral part of a child's pediatric care.

Just a $10 donation can help provide programs like Hero Wagons to a hospital near you.

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