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Hero Wagons

Delivering joy rides to hospitalized kids

A child staying in the hospital can often experience feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Our Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagons are designed with mobility in mind, allowing children to venture beyond the confines of their room and go for a joy ride as they explore the hospital environment.

"The [Starlight] Radio Flyer Wagon was a significant factor in Karter’s long hospital stays. He was so young and unable to communicate well, on top of having major speech delays, the one thing he could always say was “Red Go!” And that meant he wanted to take a lap in the wagon through the oncology floor."

- Starlight Kid Karter's mom, Krista

By fostering interactions with hospital staff and fellow patients, Starlight Radio Flyer Hero Wagons promote socialization and foster a sense of community that positively impact a child's emotional and mental well-being.

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Give Kids the Gift of a Joy Ride

Hero Wagon rides throughout the hospital build a sense of community and remind kids they are not alone.

Fund a Hero Wagon

Designed for Starlight by Radio Flyer, the Hero Wagon has an IV pole attachment, making it easier for all patients to enjoy a wagon ride. Plus, each wagon features seat belts for safety, smooth surfaces, and durable fabric, easily sanitized by hospital staff between each use.

What makes Starlight Hero Wagons special?

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The Impact of Hero Wagons

  1. Distraction Icon


    Interactive experiences help children learn, grow, express themselves and feel safe in an unfamiliar environment.

  2. People Icon


    Helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation and creates a sense of belonging to aid feelings of happiness.

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    Helps the hospital become familiar and contributes to feelings of security for children.

  4. Emotional Support Icon

    Emotional Support

    Helps meet kids unique needs to have an outlet for their emotions during stressful periods.

  5. Physical Therapy Icon

    Physical Therapy

    Improves a child's movement and rewards children with a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

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