Finn is a CHD Fighter and Ready for Takeoff in his Astronaut Starlight Brave Gown

Finn is a curious, outgoing 2-year-old born with congenital heart disease. He has a brother who is a year older than him and they enjoy wrestling, banging on pots and pans and going on long rides through their neighborhood in a Radio Flyer Wagon.

Finn had open-heart surgery a few months after birth and stayed in the hospital for months. He endures regular visits to the hospital, which can be scary, but his mom, Kelly, says a Starlight Brave Gown brings happiness during this scary time.

“These gowns bring smiles and as a parent walking this walk, I can’t begin to tell you how valuable a smile is on my child’s face and mine especially during our darkest of times,” Kelly said.

Starlight Brave Gowns are ultra comfortable and lightweight, which makes a world of a difference to a child whose heart is working 10 times as hard.

“He gets hot very easily because his heart over works,” Kelly said. “The gowns in the hospital when you wash them they are very stiff and like cardboard and not breathable.”

Finn and many heart babies are sensitive to textures and the softness of a Starlight Brave Gown doesn’t make him itch and also stays tied.

“I like when you tie it, it actually stays tight. Not only is it visually friendly for the children, it’s also functional for the doctors, nurses and the parents,” Kelly said.

Above all, these gowns match Finn’s personality, being quirky and loveable. Kelly says Finn always smiles when he wears his.

“Smiles bring light, light brings hope and this hope makes things just a little easier to face. Thank you,” said Kelly.

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