Raylan Battles Retinoblastoma Like a Mighty Little Warrior

Raylan is a mighty little guy. He was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at 10 months old on January 14, 2015. Retinoblastoma is a cancer that starts in the retina at the very back part of the eye. After six rounds of chemotherapy on his right eye, it was determined Raylan’s left eye had to be removed later that month. As a result, for 17 months, he underwent cyrotherapy. That is the use of extremely cold temperatures to decrease cell growth and reproduction. Laser treatment reduced and stabilized 11 tumors on his right eye.

Raylan’s charisma and energy is contagious, making everyone he meets smile and want to learn more about this little warrior. Being the youngest of four siblings, he definitely knows how to capture the heart and attention of everyone he meets.

Raylan and his mom travel to Los Angeles every eight weeks for surgery to check on the stability of the tumors. Every six months, Raylan undergoes an MRI to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread to his brain.
However, during Raylan’s biannual MRI and EUA (examination under anesthesia) this past December, he got to wear his first-ever Starlight Brave Gown.

“He loved his gown and did not want to take it off after surgery,” said Elizabeth, Raylan’s mom. “The gown was perfect in every way, therefore he will never wear another gown again.”

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