How Starlight Programs Impact the Hospital Journey

At Starlight, we know happy kids heal faster! That’s why each of our programs is specially made with seriously ill kids in mind.

Everyone’s hospital journey is unique, from one-time injuries to long-term stays, and seeing a doctor is no fun when you’re not feeling well.

Regardless of the severity of the illness or injury, every kid deserves a fun childhood. Our variety of Starlight programs works to deliver happiness at any stage of the hospital journey.

One-Time Injuries
Going to the hospital for a broken bone or stitches for a cut can be scary, but Starlight programs help comfort patients and normalize their short stay.

Long-Term Treatments and Chronic Illnesses
Patients experiencing chronic illnesses may visit the hospital for regular treatments or longer stays. Starlight programs give kids something to look forward to, helping with pain management, socialization, and so much more!

  • Starlight Gaming helped normalize Andrew’s hospital experience during his 168 weeks of chemotherapy. He enjoyed Gaming so much that even his mom Brenda noticed how relaxed he was.

  • Heart Warrior Finn has a congenital heart defect (CHD) and loves our comfortable, high-quality Starlight Gowns. Like other kids with CHDs, Finn’s heart is working twice as hard, meaning he overheats easily. The breathable Gowns help him stay cool!

Your support will deliver happiness to seriously ill kids at any stage of their hospital journey!
Deliver Happiness

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