September Streams Sparked Happiness for Kids

September marked a successful month for Stream For Starlight! From September 1 –30, more than 200 streamers and their communities raised $138,000 for hospitalized kids! 

Whether it was eating spicy snacks or glitter tattooing their faces, we loved seeing all the shenanigans content creators came up with this year.  

Together, alongside their generous communities, these broadcasters are helping Starlight deliver happiness by sending Starlight programs, such as Starlight Gaming and Starlight VR, to hospitalized kids across the country. 

These Starlight programs help inspire imaginations, provide comfort, and help kids build resilience against challenging treatments and procedures.  

Thanks to YOU, kids can replace pokes and pain with fun and play. 

Here are some highlights from this past month!

S4S Press Start

We kicked off this campaign season with Stream For Starlight’s Press Start event. From industry-member-led impact interviews to the annual Pancake Stacking Contest, the Starlight community came together to win prizes, hype up the Stream Ambassador Class of 2023-24, and celebrate all things Starlight!   

Check out this clip from this year’s Pancake Stacking Contest!

Pancake Stacking Contest contestants couldn't use any kitchen utensils during the competition for two minutes thanks to a generous donation!

Loved that clip and still want more? Watch the full Press Start event on the StarlightUS Twitch channel!
Check it out!

Top 3 Teams  

  1. GoodCauseCrusaders - $18,996.21 

  2. 8-Bit Community - $16,754.39 

  3. Stream Stars - $6,452.69 

Top 3 Fundraisers 

  1. chefsteve330 - $9,297.35 

  2. TheHotdish - $7,109.69 

  3. KatyBentz - $6,379.69

Creating a Happiness Movement

When streamers and their communities reached fundraising goals, they celebrated with tears and cheers.  

Not only did they make an impact on hospitalized kids, but by creating moments of joy and celebration, they made an impact on themselves and each other. They sparked a wave of happiness.

NinePointFive talks about paying it forward. Her campaign raised over $3,000 in total!

Delivering happiness isn’t just about a moment, it’s about a movement. When we share happiness with others, it spreads and amplifies. It creates an environment where positivity and well-being can flourish - for the kids and their families, for fundraisers, and for their communities! 

Just look at the excitement and happiness of our streamers and their communities!

TheHotdish raised $5,000 for hospitalized kids in under an hour and over $7,000 in total for her 2023 September Stream For Starlight campaign.

KatyBentz reached her $5,000 goal to fund a Starlight Gaming Station for the third year in a row and over $6,000 in total!

Thank you again for joining us this September to stream for hospitalized kids! We are beyond grateful for the support of our Stream For Starlight community. 

Ready for more? Join us again in December for 12 Days of Streaming!
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