Starlight Hospital Partners Honored with Seven Starlight Awards

Over the past 40 years, Starlight has worked closely with hundreds of children’s hospitals and pediatric units across the country. These facilities and the healthcare teams that support them are the reason we can deliver happiness to pediatric patients dealing with a variety of illnesses and injuries. 

From the Child Life teams to the nurses and doctors, our hospital partners play a key role in ensuring that Starlight programs get into the hands of those that need them most – sick kids. They understand that happy kids heal faster and help transform their patients’ hospital journeys by bringing them fun and familiar experiences through gaming, virtual reality, toy deliveries, and more.  

 Because of their constant support and dedication, we are honored to recognize some of the amazing hospitals and hospital staff we work with every day:   

These honorees see firsthand the impact that Starlight programs have on hospitalized kids; they know that even the smallest of gestures can have a big impact on their patients. 

Join Starlight and our hospital partners in delivering happiness to seriously ill kids. Give $40 to transform the lives of hospitalized kids and receive a limited-edition 40th-anniversary pin! 

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