Bring Starlight Programs to Hospitals with the Greatest Need

Happy kids heal faster, which is why Certified Child Life Specialists depend on Starlight programs to be there for their patients.

March is Child Life Month, when we celebrate the incredible work of the over 50,000 Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) across the country that utilize Starlight programs every day to support pediatric patients throughout their hospital experience.

  1. Sandie Sanberg and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center Team

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center | Sandie

    Sandie knows first-hand the challenges that hospitalized kids face, but she loves that Starlight Gaming gives them the opportunity to play - because sick kids are still kids.

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  2. Wendy Pauker Child Life

    Banner Children's at Thunderbird | Wendy

    Wendy is passionate about alleviating the stress that families feel as they navigate having a sick child and, Starlight Gaming provides them an outlet for distraction and entertainment.

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[Starlight programs] create normalcy in an abnormal situation by allowing children to play and express themselves.

- Sandie Sternberg, Child Life Coordinator at Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Who are Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS)? 

As the primary resource for kids and families dealing with the stress and uncertainty of hospitalization, CCLSs are inspirational heroes who support sick kids every single day. With over 500 CCLSs in our hospital network, Starlight is honored to celebrate the creative and meaningful support that they bring to thier young patients. 

How do Starlight programs support Child Life Specialists and their patients? 

Starlight programs are an essential resource for CCLSs, helping them support and engage hospitalized kids in coping techniques throughout difficult procedures and high-anxiety moments. Our programs help them build relationships by providing fun and familiar activities to share with their patients and serve as a helpful distraction during treatments.  

Every gift brings us one step closer to delivering toys, Gaming Stations, VR headsets, Radio Flyer Hero Wagons, and more to support the important work of Child Life Specialists. Support a hospital fundraiser to deliver happiness to kids through these hospital heroes!

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