Happy Kids Heal Faster

At Starlight, we know that happy kids heal faster.

A person’s mental and emotional health can truly impact their physical health—which is why all five Starlight programs are focused on delivering happiness.

But how do we know that our Starlight programs actually impact a child’s happiness?

We’ve established 10 criteria that we constantly use evaluate our programs and ensure that we are delivering as much happiness (and healing!) as possible. These include:

  1. Play: Engages children though activities to help them learn, grown, and express themselves in an unfamiliar environment

  2. Comfort: Offers physical, mental, or emotional relief to help alleviate feelings of distress and anxiety

  3. Normalization: Provides activities kids enjoy in their everyday life to help make an unfamiliar, scary place feel safe and even fun

  4. Entertainment: Provides children relief and distraction from stressful situations with enjoyable, amusing, educational, and stimulating content

  5. Socialization: Provides a sense of community and belonging while reducing boredom and isolation

Blog 21 07 30 Happy Kids Heal Faster Gaming

Starlight Gaming is there to normalize the hospital experience by giving sick kids the opportunity to play video games, just like they would at home, while Starlight Virtual Reality gives them the chance to be completely immersed in a different world that can provide entertainment and play.

Blog 21 07 30 Happy Kids Heal Faster Gowns

Starlight Hospital Wear gives children a sense of comfort with its soft material, ties that go down the side instead of the back, and features colorful, bright designs.

Blog 21 07 30 Happy Kids Heal Faster Spaces
Blog 21 07 30 Happy Kids Heal Faster Deliveries
Blog 21 07 30 Happy Kids Heal Faster VR

Starlight Spaces create places for children to play, socialize with their peers, and just be kids, while Starlight Deliveries provides toys, arts and crafts, and so many other activities for kids to do while they are stuck in their hospital room. We know how lonely and scary a hospital stay can be, so these activities are an important distraction!

Our mission is to deliver happiness to seriously ill kids and their families because we know the impact that happiness can have on healing.

That’s why each of our programs are uniquely focused on creating moments of joy.

Help kids heal faster by delivering happiness through Starlight programs today!
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