Starlight's Continued Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In June 2020, Starlight launched our Commitment for Change – a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative to deliver Starlight programs to more medically underserved and vulnerable populations (MUVP). 

This initiative is an ongoing, top organizational priority and we set a big goal for ourselves: to deliver 50% of our programs to facilities caring for medically underserved and vulnerable children.

In 2022, the equitable allocation of our programs fulfilled: 

  • 55% of the facilities receiving our programs serve patients, based on Census demographics, that are considered medically underserved and/or vulnerable populations. 

  • 48% of Starlight’s distributed programs feature products representing multicultural, multilingual, disabled, and LGBTQ+ patients or focus on STEAM and clinical education.

One such facility that we partner with is Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children in Los Angeles. With over 93% of their pediatric patients being underinsured, 70% children of color, and more than 50% having Spanish-speaking parents, Luskin's mission is to ensure every child receives the care they deserve. 

With Starlight programs, Luskin is able to creatively incorporate Starlight Toy Deliveries to engage and support patients across various clinics, from rehabilitation to urgent care. These toys serve as incentives during physical therapy and help with pain management and Starlight Gaming provides a great distraction for patients awaiting medical attention. 

Luskin is just 1 of 315 MUVP hospitals within our network that dedicate their efforts, energy, and resources to ensuring equal access to quality healthcare. Their commitment to creating an inclusive medical system is a big undertaking, but your incredible generosity and support can play a pivotal role in relieving some of the weight.

Our Starlight Ambassador Josie is a perfect example of why equity is at the heart of everything we do. Hospital gowns are often presented as one size fits all, so while there is equal access for all patients, equity is not achieved because some patients, depending on their size, aren’t able to wear them comfortably.  

Starlight Hospital Wear however, ranges in size from XS to XL, so that every patient can have a gown that is comfortable and fits just right.

It used to be frustrating when I would go to the hospital and the gowns I was given to wear before surgery would be huge on me, so when I found out that my hospital had Starlight Gowns, I was really happy that I could fit in them!

- Starlight Ambassador Josie

At Starlight, we believe that every child deserves to experience the joy of being a kid. From Starlight Gowns and wheelchair covers to coloring and activity books, we strive to ensure every hospitalized child feels seen, represented, and valued for who they are, by ensuring that the programs we provide celebrate their unique identities and experiences.

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